Photo Courtesy of Bruce Luetters, 3Sixty Photography

New Hampshire Magazine

As both an avid fashion lover, and New Hampshire ‘simple living’ enthusiast, I found myself in a confusing and difficult situation in late 2016. After living in New Hampshire for many years, I had a brief stint of city living in Boston for two years, only to return to the picturesque state I called home, specifically to work on a documentary film project. Tragically, this project fell apart leaving me both jobless and separated geographically from the fashion industry in Boston, and even further from the exciting fashion world in NYC. Somewhat dismayed, this feeling of tragic loss forced me to reevaluate my circumstances, opportunities - and in the darkness, I felt a compelling call of duty.

Noticing throughout my years of adventures chronicling the small-town retailers and shops of New Hampshire, I realized our state was filled with designer and original clothing, carried by quality and creative retailers. Our state boasts everything from consignment Chanel, to Zimmerman off the racks, to exclusive European designers, to couture works designed and fabricated right here in our Granite State. More so, I came to recognize a gap in the market and a deep hole of representation in the community.

Though it was clear that there were great retailers working hard to provide men, women, and children with quality, fashionable garments, and a savvy clientele putting those collections to use in a uniquely New Hampshire way, I felt that the community here needed a place to connect and share inspiration. Amidst NH’s reputation for simple and rugged garb, there was a culture that was marrying those attributes with high end fashion, and I felt that they needed proper representation - to be displayed and accessible to all.

After working with New Hampshire Magazine on various occasions, I knew they would be the ones to answer the call of fashion duty. They’re a daring publication, certainly willing to step outside the boundaries to provide content their readers admire and appreciate. I pitched myself as a fashion editor, and they brought me on board the very day of our meeting (and then some!). Since 2017, I’ve worked with them to not only conceptualize our fashion editorial calendar, but I also coordinate, produce, and style each fashion shoot that appears in the magazine. In remembrance of a favorite quote “if you build it, they will come”, I find my work as a fashion editor both rewarding and challenging, I am excited to see where the future of fashion in New Hampshire lies.

While the younger Barcelou sister, still in high school, is just beginning her journey into the fashion world, Chloe Barcelou is changing the game. Although New Hampshire has no shortage of incredible locations for photo shoots, she said, the fashion industry in the state is still young.

With that, her work is breaking new ground, and she’s expanding the opportunities for such upcoming models as her own sister.
— Eagle Times Newspaper

East Meets West

This editorial appeared in the September 2018 issue of New Hampshire Magazine

East Meets West, by Chloe Barcelou
Photography, Videography and Grip by Sleep Walk Films
Models: Jessica Carter, Maggie Inc. & Johnathan Lemmon, Model Club Inc.
Hair/Makeup: Alicia Dane
Location: Anheuser Busch Factory, Merrimack NH

Inspired By History

This article appeared in the April 2018 issue of New Hampshire Magazine


Inspired By History, By Chloe Barcelou
Photography by Joel Benjamin
Models: Michelle McEwan, Miss Mew Hampshire USA, Dora Mwangi & Chloe Barcelou
Hair Styling: Tracy Christine Artistry
Makeup: Paula Roderick-Voisembert
Location: The Warner House Museum

St. Gaudens and Summer Fashion : Real & Ideal 

This cover and editorial appeared in the August 2017 issue of New Hampshire Magazine


Real & Ideal by: Chloe Barcelou
Photography: Bruce Luetters, 3Sixty Photography
Models: Diana Templeton at Model Club Inc. & Olivia Barcelou
Makeup: Alexandra Angelone
Hair: Lisa Berry at Simplicity Salon
Assistance: Savannah Ferland & Lindsay Mayock
Location: St. Gaudens National Historic Park

- Retail -


Canterbury Country Fashion

These Retail pages appeared in the April 2019 issue of New Hampshire Magazine


Photo’s by Chloe Barcelou
Model: Olivia Barcelou
Location: Canterbury Shaker Village

Baby’s Fashion & Toys

These Retail pages appeared in the January 2019 issue of New Hampshire Magazine

Styling by Chloe Barcelou
Photography by Kenal J. Bush
Model: Baby Evangeline

Back To School Denim

These Retail Pages appeared in the September 2018 Issue of New Hampshire Magazine

Photography, Jenn Bakos Photography
Models: Lauren Elizabeth, Brandon Beaudoin, Melanie Rodriguez, Maggie Inc.
Hair/Makeup: Haley Navrro
Location: Keene State College

Summer Dresses

These Retail pages appeared in the July 2018 issue of New Hampshire Magazine

Photo’s by: Madeline B. Wells Photography
Model: Olivia Barcelou

Fashionable Feet

These Retail pages appeared in the March 2018 issue of New Hampshire Magazine


Photo’s by: Chloe Barcelou
Models: Annie Lilly, Sheena, Olivia Barcelou
Location: Currier Museum of Art

Vintage Now

These Retail pages appeared in the August 2017 issue of New Hampshire Magazine

Photo’s by Morgan Karanasois

Back To Basics

These Retail Pages appeared in the January Issue of New Hampshire Magazine

Photos by Joel Benjamin Photography

That resourcefulness is their secret weapon. Barcelou’s other job is fashion editor at New Hampshire Magazine, a role she created out of thin air. “It’s a bit of an oxymoron,” she admits, laughing, glancing down at her muck boots. “Still. I was like, ‘They need a fashion editor.’” She smiles winningly. One can imagine how she pitched it. “There’s lots of cool stores here! They need advertising! I figured, if you build it, they will come.
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