Commissioned by local photographer, Rebekah Levine, and given Victorian, romantic inspirations, I influenced a 'Little Bo-Peep' couture fashion shoot, designing the costume from scratch, using vintage fabrics and laces.

Costume Design and Styling: Chloe Barcelou
Photography: Rivkah Ita Photography
Model: Tamara Levine
Behind-The-Scenes Video: IconiVision Cinema

Rococo Dreams

Commissioned by artist and crafter Jennifer Hayslip, this look was influenced by Rococo ascetic, channeling inspiration by designer's like Christian Lacroix. I paired this look with my wig, handmade from grocery paper bags by yours truly.

Special Thanks to Jennifer Harris Hayslip for the Inspiration
Wig Construction: Chloe Barcelou
Styling: Chloe Barcelou & Pam Pierce Barcelou
Set Design & Props: Pam Pierce Barcelou
Photography: Pam Pierce Barcelou
Production, Costume Design, Model & Makeup Artist: Chloe Barcelou
*Photo on Right

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